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FALL 2018


It's autumn now, our favourite time of the year,

we love the sweet smell of woodsmoke and

we bring out our wollen gear.

The leaves reveal their colours

before they fall back down to the ground below,

it's the grand finale before the land and trees

are covered up with snow.

The farmer's barns are full of hay, 

the apples a fellow likes to keep

are stored away in cool cellars

to be enjoyed when the snow is deep.

So, if you wish to grace your table with our mead,

come to the farm and you will find exactly what you need.

We are open 11am-5pm till the end of October,

on the 30th our second season will be over. 


We hope you can visit our farm this fall!

Thanks for your patronage in 2018


Charles & Laura Lipnicki