Mead is the oldest fermented beverage known to man made by fermenting honey.

Mead orders outside PEI must be minimum of 6 bottles. We use specialized shipping boxes to avoid breakage that fits 6 bottles. You can mix and match flavours. 

Wildflower Mead

2019 Winner of the bronze medal at the National Wine Awards of Canada in Prince Edward County- Ontario.

You might think that a table wine made with honey would be sweet and simple, but in fact, it is a complex and lively exploration of flavours. It is the ever-changing florals from the rolling hills of Prince Edward Island. Drinking wildflower mead is a journey through a glass on the back of a bee. Prepare to be impressed! 14% alc/vol. Pairs well with poultry, specially rich dishes with cream sauces. Also, white cheeses, nuts, fowl and apple pie. Just a hint of honey sweetness. Serve cool as a stone in a cellar floor, but never cold!

Haskap Mead

2018 Bronze medal winner at the National Wine Awards of Canada in Penticton, BC.

What is Haskap? It is a super fruit native to Hokkaido, Japan. The Japanese refers Haskap as the “berry of long life and good vision” due to the great amount of antioxidants. Haskap berries have a sweet yet tart flavour profile with notes of blueberry, raspberry and black currant. We grow organically our own berries to make our Haskap mead. Haskap mead shows off its garnet colour coming from the skin of the haskap berries. It has a delicate, savoury and fruity flavour and a hint of toasted oak. 14% alc/vol. Pairs well with red meats. Try it with BBQ beef, hamburgers, Venison or roasted Lamb. Or if you prefer something different try with dark chocolate, and old cheddar cheese.

Lavender Mead

2018 Bronze medal winner at the National Wine Awards of Canada in Penticton, BC.

This is not grandma's lavender. We grow our own organic culinary lavender and hand pick it to blend with Wildflower honey. The flavour is unique and the nose will take you back to the lavender patch every time you try a sip of lavender mead. Contemplative wine for relaxing times! 14% alc/vol. Pairs with charcuterie, oysters, sharp cheeses, salted nuts and specially with PEI lobster.

Cyser-Apple Mead

Every year in the fall we look forward to go to the Beamish's organic orchard to harvest the apples, to press them and make the most delicious apple cider. Then we combine the cider with honey to make Apple Cider Mead or also known as "Cyser" 13.5% alc/vol . A glass of "Cyser" will be refreshing, crisp and dry with notes of fresh orchard. It is the perfect accompaniment to carbonara or seafood pasta, a pot of steamed PEI mussels or a delicious Haddock fillet(or other white fish) lightly breaded and baked topped with parmesan cheese. Also, try with pork...apples always taste good with pork.

Nectar Sweet Mead 

2019 Platinum medal winner at the National Wine Awards of Canada in Prince Edward County - Ontario

Raw golden honey at its best! Nectar Sweet is simple, elegant, and velvety. "Intensely spicy, with exotic fruit hints, nutty undertones and irresistible honeyed sweetness. Powerful, yet well balanced, with impressive depth of raw honey flavour and a long, multi-faceted finish. Jacky Blisson-" 14%alc/vol. Pairs well with creme brûlée, brie cheese, caramel, figs, strawberries and baklava.